Bala Bodh Part I

[Reader for Girls Part I]
Bala Bodh

Title: Bala-Bodh Part I [Reader for Girls Part I]

Author: Not mentioned

Publisher: Published by Shri Moulabaksh Printer

Printer: Printed at Dhaka-Grishjantra

Date & edition: 10th January, 1874

Price: 1anna

About the book: A proclamation on the title page advertises the book as an elementary primer that uses simple words and easy, instructive compositions in prose and verse for the edification of little girls. It also mentions that the book will be available at N.K. Chattopadhyay’a bookshop in Dhaka Babubazar.

Illustrations: None

Pages: 12     

Genre: Primer

Source: The British Library, London

Shelfmark: VT1993

Pages featured:
1. Title page
2. Page 1









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