[The Childhood Friend]

Title: Balyasakha [The Childhood Friend]

Editor (s): Bishnucharan Chattopadhyay, Shashibhusan Chakraborty

Publisher: Published from 30-1, Hari Ghosh Street.

Printer: Not mentioned

First issue: March 1908

Price: Each issue - 12 pice

About: A typical children’s magazine aiming at instructive entertainment, its contents ranged from exemplary stories, biographical sketches and travelogues to science lessons and articles on technological inventions.

Illustrations: Illustrated periodical.

Pages: 16 

Genre: Periodical, Monthly

Source: The Sahitya Parishad Granthagar, Kolkata

Shelfmark: 462/1

Pages featured:
1. Page 1, Vol I No 7


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