[Dawn of Understanding]

Title: Bodhoday [Dawn of Understanding]

Author: Iswar Chnadra Vidyasagar

Publisher &Printer: Printed and published by Hurish Chandra Tarkalankar, at the Sanskrit Press, College Square No1, Calcutta.

Date & edition: 1857. 9thedition.

Price: 2 annas

About the book: A primer aiming to initiate readers in a rational system of knowledge, the volume, as stated by the author, was compiled from several English sources. It presents an assortment of chapters that introduce the basic ideas about animate and inanimate things, vegetation, mankind, the senses, shapes and forms of objects, counting numerals, buying and selling, monetary systems and property and labour. In the preface the author opines that such knowledge would be far more beneficial for the boys and girls than the ideas nurtured by reading absurd and imaginary tales.

Illustrations: None

Note: The book was originally intended as a primer for girls of the Bethune School and published as Shishusiksha Part IV. The original source book had been the Rudiments of Knowledge by William and Robert Chambers.

Pages: 61

Genre: Primer

Source: The National Library, Kolkata

Shelfmark.: 182.Mc.857. 2 (1)

Pages featured:
1. Front Cover

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