Chakmaki Baksa [The Tinderbox and The Emperor's New Clothes]
Chakmaki Baksa

Title: Chakmaki Baksa o Apurba Rajbastra [The Tinderbox and The Emperor’s New Clothes]

Author: Translated form the English by Madhusudan Muhkopadhyay

Publisher: The Vernacular Literature Committee

Printer: Printed at the Tuttobodhinee Press by Arunchunder Vedantavagees

Date & edition: 1876

Price: 1 anna

About the book:
The book translates two of Andersen’s tales from their English versions. The first is a fairy story of a soldier who recovers a tinderbox from an underground treasure-den. With the help of its magical powers he soon becomes a king and is able to marry a princess. The second is the story of a vain emperor who is swindled by two rogues and made to parade in an ‘invisible’ robe supposedly fashioned out of the ‘finest cloth’. While the emperor, his escorts and the entire crowd gathered are unwilling to admit that they cannot see the robe lest they reveal themselves to be stupid, it is a child who honestly exclaims that the king is naked.

Illustrations: Wood cut illustrations in black and white

Pages: 30

Genre: Bengali Family Library. Fairy Tale.

Source: The British Library


Pages from the book:
1. Cover page
2. Illustration


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