Chhele o Chhabi
[Children and Pictures]
Chhele O Chhabi

Title: Chhele o Chhabi [Children and Pictures]

Author: Ashutosh Mukhopadhyay

Publisher: S.C. Auddy, Booksellers and Publishers, 58, Wellington Street, Calcutta.

Printer: Printed by S.C. Haldar at the Queen’s Press, 37, Harrison Road, Calcutta.

Date & edition: 1898

Price: 6 annas

About the book: An entertaining volume of short stories, nursery rhymes and poems. The editor notes that there are plenty of pleasurable picture books for children in England and in other foreign nations. Such a literature that is at once agreeable, pleasing and instructive hones the readers’ mental faculties and helps to initiate a moral education. The book has been published to fill up - to a small extent - the dearth of a similar entertaining juvenile literature in Bengal. A compilation of light-hearted writings, it includes contributions from Nabakrishna Bhattacharya, Abanindranath Tagore, Payodhinath Mukhopadhyay, and a certain anonymous female author. A couple of pages at the end are devoted to riddles and illustrations of magic-lantern figures.

Illustrations: Illustrated with woodcuts

Pages: 44

Genre: Book of prose and verse. Nursery rhymes. Fairy tales.

Source: The Chaitanya Library

Shelfmark: Sha 198

Pages featured:
1. Title page
2. Page 1
3. Illustrations of Magic Lantern figures

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