Chheleder Chandi [The Tale of the Goddess Chandi for Children]
Chheleder Chandi

Title: Chheleder Chandi [ The Tale of the Goddess Chandi for Children]

Author: Atulchandra Mukhopadhyay

Publisher: The City Book Society, 64, College Street, Calcutta.

Printer: Printed by Rakhalchandra Mitra at the Bishwakosh Press, 21/3 Shantiram Ghosh Street, Bagbazar.

Date & edition: Not mentioned [1910 ?]

Price: 10 annas

About the book: The book presents the puranic [mythological] tale of the Goddess Chandi in an abridged version and attempts an easy interpretation of the sacred text of Chandi for children. The foreword relating the historical time of the original text, was written by the famous folklorist Dineshchandra Sen.

Illustrations: The book, like others issued from the City Book Society, is designed with care. The text printed in red, is contrasted with decorative borders of green foliage. The nine magnificent illustrations depicting mythological scenes like the slayings of Mahishasur or Nishumbha were painted by the famous Bengali artist Sitalchandra Bandyopadhyay and engraved and printed by K.V. Seyne & Bros.

Note: Two forthcoming juvenile books by the same author – Dhakar Puratan Katha and Sarbbananda – are advertised at the end.

Pages: 78     

Genre: Religious narrative/Mythogical tale

Source: The National Library, Kolkata

Shelfmark: 182.Jd. 910.4

Pages featured:
1. Title page
2. Illustration for ‘Mahishasur Badh'














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