Elizabeth athaba Elizabeth kartrik Pitar Bibasan Sadhan
[Elizabeth or the Exiles of Siberia]
Elizabeth or the Exiles of Siberia

Title: Elizabeth athaba Elizabeth kartrik Pitar Bibasan Sadhan [Elizabeth or the Exiles of Siberia]

Author: Translated form the English by Ramnarayan Vidyaratna

Publisher: The Vernacular Literature Committee


Date & edition: 1864

Price: Not mentioned

About the book:
Elizabeth or The Exiles of Siberia was originally written in French by ‘Sophie’ Cottin and published in 1806. It was translated into English three years later and became popular among young ladies in the early nineteenth century. The story traces the difficult and arduous journey of Elizabeth from Siberia to St. Petersburg after which she succeeds in freeing her father, a Polish Patriot, who had been exiled to Siberia by the Tsar.

The preface written by E. B. Cowell, particularly noted the need and the benefits of translating stories like Elizabeth for contemporary Bengali readers:
The present little volume has long been a great favourite in Europe. It is found on fact and its simple narrative will always be read with interest. In the ancient books of the Hindus the histories of Savitri and Damayanti tell us what female devotedness could effect in former times; and the present narrative is a modern instance of the same truth.
To raise the native female character is one of the great social needs of India; and such books as the “Exiles of Siberia” can shew us how worthy of admiration some women have proved themselves to be, and how they have repaid the culture bestowed on them.

Pages: 196

Genre: Bengali Family Library. Didactic Literature: Exemplary Tale.

Source: The British Library

Shelfmark: VT1919

Pages from the book
1. Title page


References consulted for this entry
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