Gopal and Kaminee
Gopal and kaminee

Title: Gopal and Kaminee

Author: Translated from the English by Ramnarayan Vidyaratna

Publisher: Published under the patronage of Lieut. W.N. Lees.

Printer: Bishop’s College Press, Calcutta.

Date & edition: 1856

Price: 8annas

About the book: The book narrates a moral tale – the story of the twins Gopal and Kaminee – as told by a father to his son. The author hopes to achieve the golden combination of ‘instruction’ and ‘delight’ in equal measure through this “attractive” tale which “will be found to contain good moral lessons.”

Illustrations: None

Pages: 155

Genre: Translation, Moral tale

Source: The British Library, London

Shelfmark: VT 1369

Pages featured:
1. Title page (English)
2. Title page (Benglai)
3. Page 1


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