Kathataranga[The History of Sandford and Merton]

Title: Kathataranga [The History of Sandford and Merton]

Author: Translated from the English by Madhusudan Mukhopadhyay

Publisher and Printer: Printed and published by the order of the Calcutta School Book Society and the Vernacular Literature Society, and sold at their depository, 12, Lall Bazar, 1865.

Date & edition: 1865

Price: Not mentioned

About the book:
The English original, The History of Sandford and Merton: A Work Intended for the Use of Children was written by Thomas Day and published in three parts in 1783, 1786 and 1789. The book uses a continued narrative to string together a cluster of stories each of which teaches a moral lesson. The framing narrative follows the process of education of Tommy Merton, the child of a rich merchant family and Harry Sandford, a farmer’s son, under the guidance of Mr. Barlow, the local clergyman. The book, following Rousseau’s philosophy of natural education, integrates and illustrates the pedagogic theories expounded in Emile.  
The translation, unlike some others in the same series, retains the English names and the settings of the original text.  

Illustrations: None

A list of the available VLS titles complete with corresponding prices – serving as an advertisement of the titles as well as the series - is printed on the back cover of the volume.

Pages: 316

Genre: Bengali Family Library. Didactic Literature: Moral Tale. Translation.

Source: The British Library

Shelfmark: VT1919

Pages from the book:
1. Title page
2. Page 1
3. Back cover


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