Komol Kabita
[Tender Verses]
Komol Kabita

Title: Komol Kabita [Tender verses]

Author: Kaliprasanna Ghosh

Publisher: Harakumar Basu

Printer: Printed by Munshi Kalimuddin Printer at Dhaka Girishjantra

Date & edition: [1888] 2nd edition

Price: Not mentioned

About the book: A collection of children’s verses. These rhymes, the author states, had originally been written for entertaining children and are being published as a book on the request of his friends. He has maintained an easy and lucid language to suit the needs of his young readers, and except for the piece on Ramayan at the end which has words with compound characters [juktakkhar], all the other poems are in simple diction . This poem, that very briefly relates the life of the hero from his birth till his coronation, has been included for its moral worth.  

Illustrations: A small woodcut of Saraswati – the goddess of wisdom and learning - is used as a decorative headpiece on page 1.

Pages: 36

Genre: Book of verses

Source: The National Library, Kolkata

Shelfmark.: 182.Nd.888.8

Pages featured:
1. Title Page
2. Page 1

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