Collection of Rhymes, Hymns and Tunes:
for Bengali Infant Christian Schools
Rhymes Hymns and Tunes

Title: Collection of Rhymes, Hymns and Tunes: for Bengali Infant Christian Schools

Author: Anonymous. The preface is written by ‘the Compiler’.

Publisher: The Calcutta Christian School Book Society.

Printer: Printed at the Bishop’s College Press, Calcutta.

Date & edition: 1859

Price: Not mentioned

About the book: “This little collection of Children’s Songs and Hymns has been called into existence by a want that has been long and widely felt among the Missionary body in Bengal. To meet this want, several Missionaries (chiefly in the Kishnagore [sic] district) composed or translated a few hymns for the use of their own children. On a wider demand for the hymns, the Compiler of the volume, had offered the collection to the Christian School Book Society “which most generously acceded to his request”.
The musical notations are at first explained followed by the lyrics and tunes of the hymns and prayers. There are prayers for different occasions and for different times of the day, Biblical hymns and songs on evangelical themes.  Mount Zion, Canaan, From Egypt, Heavenly Flame, There is a Friend, Weeping Willow (death of Christ), Around the Throne, Heavenly Path, Christian Warrior, Mother’s Care, Rainy Day, Children Go, Rousseau’s Dream are some of the many song titles. The book also includes ‘God Save the Queen’.
The volume is “in European garb” since the Compiler believes “as the number of Christians [in Bengal] increases, so metrical poetry and music with harmony will be called into requisition”. The book promises that “nothing but usefulness, and the promotion of vital religion, with rational amusement for the children, has been aimed at.”

Illustrations: None

Pages: 104

Genre: Religious (Christian) Song Book

Source: Uttarpara Jaykrishna Library, Uttarpara.

Shelfmark.: Ka 231

Pages featured:
1. Title Page
2. Page 41
3. Page xi


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