Sachitra Saral Barnagyan Part I & II
[The Made-easy Illustrated Alphabet Book Parts I & II]
Sachitra Saral Barnagyan

Title: Sachitra Saral Barnagyan Parts I & II [The Made-easy Illustrated Alphabet Book Parts I & II]

Author: Dr. Brojonath Shaha, Civil Surgeon, Chittagong Hill Tracts, assisted and edited by his son, Radhikanath Shaha

Publisher: Not mentioned

Printer: Not mentioned

Date & edition: 1900

Price: 3 annas

About the book: The book marks a departure from the usual Bengali alphabet books as it seeks to employ a new model of teaching. It is an alphabet book “made easy with the hand and eye training system” following the Western kindergarten way of ‘playing the child into knowledge’. Thus it shifts from the traditional “Phonetic classification” of alphabets to a “Structural’ one to make the child’s first acquaintance with alphabets easier and a more amusing experience. Apart from the ‘hand and eye method’, the author also uses the ‘object method’ and the ‘mouth and ear method’ for teaching the child her first alphabets and words.

Illustrations: The lessons are illustrated with woodcuts

Pages: 42

Genre: Alphabet book. Primer.

Source: The British Library, London

Shelfmark: 279.38.G. 21, 22

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2. Title page
3. Page 40


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