Hasimukh(2) [The Happy Face(2)]
Hasimukh 2

Title: Hasimukh: (2) [The Happy Face (2)]

Author: Gnanendranath Halder

Publisher: Gnanendranath Haldar, 63, College Street, Calcutta.

Printer: Printed at the Kuntaline Press, 61 & 62 Bowbazar Street by Purnachandra Das

Date & edition: January 1908, 2nd edition

Price: 4 annas

About the book:
A book of easy prose and verse. Its subjects range from the playful and entertaining (like the poems on the toddler learning to take his first steps or on the child’s pet mallard) to those having a cautionary and a didactic message (for instance, the chapters on the boy who always lied or the one illustrating a child’s devotion to his father).

Attractively designed with decorative borders and texts in large prints, the wood-cut illustrations show that the volume used a combination of foreign and indigenous blocks. 

Pages: 22     

Genre: Book of prose and verse

Source: Chaitanya Library, Kolkata.

Shelfmark: Shi 241

Pages featured:
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2. Page 1
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