Hasimukh [The Happy Face]

Title: Hasimukh [The Happy Face]

Author: Baikunthanath Das

Publisher: Purnachandra Das

Printer: Printed at the Kuntaline Press by Purnachandra Das

Date & edition: 1900

Price: 6 annas

About the book:
A lighthearted book of twenty-four short verses on child-centric subjects like the swing, the pet kitten, the naughty dog, the child’s dreams and the story-telling grandfather.  

The volume is attractively designed with decorative borders and coloured texts. The illustrations mark a blend of indigenous and foreign styles.

Pages: 42     

Genre: Book of verses

Source: Chaitanya Library, Kolkata.

Shelfmark: Shi 240

Pages featured:
1. Title page
2. Page 1
3. Illustration for ‘The Swing’







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